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HPL Honeycomb changing room toilet cubicles partition supplier

Product Infomation
New HPL Honeycomb changing room toilet cubicles partition supplier for Ireland, UK high-rise hotels and plush clubs.
  • Model:JLF-TP-2023
  • Standard Color:Wood Grain
  • Accessories:Stainless steel hardware
  • Standard Thickness:18mm,28mm,38mm


Jialifu new developed types of toilet cubicle called HPL aluminum facing honeycomb toilet partition. It is made of the two kinds of materials, aluminum honeycomb and hpl sheet. The panel is a sandwich board including the high pressure laminate as two sides of face sheets and aluminum honeycomb as the core.

As an upgraded toilet cubicle, the HPL aluminum honeycomb toilet cubicle is of course with stronger performances than the general types of HPL toilet cubicles. It performs well in the water resistance and fire retardance, what’s more, the outstanding feature of the light weight makes the HPL honeycomb toilet partition to be quite popular in the modern buildings.

Features Overview

1. Aesthetic perception

Concealed hinge, corner fastener and supporting leg made of high

grade stainless steel make it seem concise with eyes enjoyable.

Standard size: 2400 H * 1500 D * 1000 W

2. Durability

Whatever the environment is, the service life at least for 25 years

and primary appearance will not be changed forever.

Available Thickness: 18mm, 28mm, 38mm

3. Light weight

70% lighter than compact laminate board compared in same thickness.

Density: from 27 to 77kg/ m3

4. Environment-friendly

With 87% pre- and post consumer recycled content.

Environment: high-rise hotels and plush clubs



  We have  a wide range of solid color and wood grain

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Jialifu HPL Honeycomb Toilet Cubicle Partitions are widly used for school,hospital,airport,shopping mall,hotel,ect.

There are different types of toilets partitions you can choose,overhead braced toilet partitions, ceiling hung toilet partitions, floor to ceiling toilet partitions, hanging brace toilet cubicles.

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