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Compact Laminate

Compact HPL panel 12mm thick manufacturer in China
1. Waterproof and fireproof 2. Anti-corrosive, not mildew, no peculiar smell 3. A wide range of colors and flexible design for your choice 4. Could be customized according to your request. 5. Easy to install, clean and maintain 6. Over 10 year use life, Extremely durable 7. Strong resistant to abrasions, stains, heat, fire, cigarette burns, shock and odor.
1220*1830*12mm Compact HPL Board  accept customize
1.Accept Customize, kinds of choice for compact hpl board 2.Good quality with the lowest price for kinds of compact hpl laminate 3.Standard size 1220*1830*12mm, 100% HPL material,Over 10 years use life 4.HPL phenolic sheet Factory direct sale,save 30% cost,HPL phenolic laminate grey color in stock. 5.Compact HPL panel Passed ISO9001:2008,Environmentally friendly.
1220*1830*12mm HPl panel for sale accept customize
standard size and color, Fast delivery, 5-15days from stock, cheaper price
Phenolic resin HPL panels 12mm thick
1.Solid core construction 2.Architectural black edge design, perfect trimming. 3.Various styles, colors, patterns.
Hpl Board compact laminates discounted for sale
HPL Board passed ISO9001:2008,factory direct sale, save 30% cost.
12mm Interior HPL Phenolic Board for sale
1. Factory direct sale,save 30% cost. 2. HPL Interior Phenolic Board 2mm to 25mm, Accept customize 3. Professional as HPL Supplier of waterproof and fireproof material for 15 years 4. 1220*1830*12mm, grey color in stock,can be used on toilet partition,locker,etc. 5. Over 10-year use life, with 2 year warranty
Paper laminated panels commercial price for sale
Commercial compact hpl panels with factory price,save 30% cost,Passed ISO9001:2008.
HPL phenolic resin panel with 2 year warranty
Professional in hpl phenolic resin panel for 15 years, passed ISO9001:2008,Accept customize with factory price,save 30% cost.
Phenolic sheet compact laminate colored for sale
Accept customize,a range of sizes and colors for your choice with factory price.Passed ISO9001:2008.Professional for 15 years.
12mm HPL Board wood grain with 2 year warranty
1.HPL Board passed ISO9001:2008,factory direct sale, save 30% cost. 2.2mm to 25mm Accept customize. 3.100% HPL material, waterproof and fireproof.
HPL material interior waterproof and fireproof
1. 2mm to 25mm, accept customize. 2. Factory direct sale, save 30% cost. 3. Professional in hpl material products for 15 years, passed ISO9001:2008
12mm HPL Phenolic board discounted for sale
1. 2mm to 25mm,accept customize with factory price 2. Professional in hpl phenolic products for 15 years, passed ISO9001:2008 3. Waterproof and fireproof,anti-corrosion
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